Tips & Tricks: Attaching pedals to the pedalboard Part 2

Tips & tricksThe first part of this series was focused on ways to attach the pedals to the pedalboard without any special benefits.
Now I would like to present the solutions of some clever manufacturers that promise to keep all pedals in place.

Dual Lock

Dual Lock works like Velcro but it is much stronger and can be removed residue-free.
To pull off the pedals is not able anymore and you will need something like a credit card that can be shoved between the layers to unclench Dual Lock.
This is ideal for those who rarely change the pedals on their board and besides long for something more stable than Velcro.
If you put two layers of Dual Lock on top of one another, it is also pretty suitable to heighten a stompbox.


Pedalboots are small rubber frames which are attached to the pedal board. You can poke every pedal into one separate boot.
The advantage of this method of attachment is, that the pedal stays intact, and you can change the pedals pretty easy (as long as they have got the same size).
The disadvantage is, that you need different sizes of boots depending on the size of each pedal and because of this, the use of pedalboots might get extremely costly.
And if you want to change a pedalboot, it is necessary to unbolt it from the board and replace it by another one with the wanted size. This is time-consuming and it is worth the efford especially when you use the same pedals on your board for a long time.


Another solution to fix your pedals on a pedalboard is the stomptrap.
The stomptrap, produced from robust stainless-steel, can be attached to the board by using Velcro or screws. The pedal can be jammed between holders which are coated by rubber to avoid any damage of the lacquering.
This connection is stable enough for a transport but allows a quick change of the pedals anyway.
Besides, it does not leave any adhesive residues.
The stomptrap leaves enough space to lead the cables between the separate modules and increases the stability of the mini pedals even if it is not attached to the pedalboard.

Pedal Mounting System (Temple Audio)

Temple Audio invented a system which can be described as something between Velcro and bolting.
First of all: you need a Templeboard. Then you need special pedal plates which can be adhered to the bottom of the pedals. This plate can be fixed with a screw (that can be opened and closed without any further tools) to the Templeboard.