Pedalboard from A to Z – interesting websites about how to plan a pedalboard

Tips & tricksIt sounds so easy: choose the right pedals, put them on a board, add some cables and a power supply and then, go for it. But for there are many sources of error lying in wait, thus I would like to present some websites that will simplify a guitarists life.

Of course, I dedicated myself several times to this topic. You will find information about pedalboards in general and how to plan a pedalboard. About the right way of attachment and the adequate power supply.

Everything arranged in the perfect way? Then, the time of re-arrangement starts immediately. There are different phases, a guitarist will go through. Important questions, that have to be thought over like “do I need a big or a small pedalboard”, “what about a looper” and “how can I assemble a board for certain needs”.

Really interesting websites which offer information beyond what you can find on are the following:

Surely, you can try to find the right arrangement by putting your pedals on a board and try out which combination looks and works best. But you can also plan your pedalboard virtually on your smartphone while you are in the subway or during your working time on your computer. On you will find a great tool to do that. You can choose the right board and start to arrange your pedals virtually.
Thereby, you will get a very nice template that can be used to create your perfect pedalboard in real-life. The benefit of this virtual planning is, that you can also take pedals into account, which you haven`t bought yet but that you are looking for. A very nice and helpful website!

Although I already mentioned here some time ago, I must add this website to this list, because it is so helpful. provides a brilliant comparison of different power supplies. Furthermore, you will find a list where you can find the power consumption of numerous pedals. The power supply is a really important aspect regarding the pedalboard planning and on this website, you will find all the information you need to choose the right one.

A very nice article about how to chose the right pedalboard, I found on Although most guitarists focus on the selection of the perfect pedals, choosing the right pedalboard is important as well. presents and compares numerous different types and models. Here, every guitarist should find, what he/she is looking for.

So, I think with this articles and tools you should be able to get a first overview regarding the world of pedalboards. For further interesting information check out forums like
The rest is like playing guitar: trial and error.
And if there will be too much error, don’t hesitate to contact me.