Power for the gear: myVolts helps with advice and action

myVolts power my gearIt’s no secret that I think many of the products offered by myVolts are great and I really enjoy using them. I recently came across the free “Power my Gear” editor on the website of Caroline and Luke. This is a really great tool that I would definitely like to recommend to you.

Anyone who has a somewhat more extensive setup knows the problems of the correct power supply. Sometimes it takes a little study to wire everything correctly. With the “Power my Gear” editor, this misery can be significantly shortened. Here, different groove boxes, synthesizers, effect pedal and drum machines can be selected via the menu and your own setup can be reproduced digitally. Then you click on the “Power my Gear” button and the editor will automatically calculate and display which adapters, cables and voltages are necessary to operate everything without any problems. This is really a great solution!

myVolts power my gear

myVolts Step Up Adapter for power supply via USB-C

A power supply via USB-C is becoming increasingly relevant and so myVolts has dedicated themselves to this current topic. The three Step Up adapters are color-coded so that they can be distinguished according to their specifications. They can be operated with power banks or power plugs that provide USB PD 3.0 and Quick Charge QC 3.0. The versions offered with 9 volts or 12 volts can be used to operate numerous devices such as those from Elektron, Korg and also guitar effect devices.

The space-saving angled plugs can be plugged into the device and then can be connected via a USB cable. The annoying search for the right power supply is no longer necessary. These cables even have an integrated LCD display that shows the power consumption in watts.

The Crazy Chain has now also been adapted to match the new Step Up USB-C power adapters.
The Crazy Chain MKII is designed to power multiple devices with one power bank. In the modular system, several cables with the correct polarity can be connected to each other using a plug-in system. The equipment has probably never been so easy to be powered. No matter whether you want to use the setup at home or on the go. The adapter cables are offered in different lengths and also as a set. You don’t even have to rely on a power outlet anymore.

All myVolts adapters are of course available directly on www.myvolts.com or soon at Thomann as well.