DelayDude Midi Sync Cable with angled midi plug and angled mini plug type A


Please note, that the Corona restrictions in the USA shipping to the United States might cause additional shipping costs.

  • DigiTech SDRUM midi converter
  • now also available with a spacesaving angled mini plug
  • 1/8 TRS to 5 Pin DIN
  • transmits midi start, stop and clock orders
  • international shipping possible

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The most space-saving version of the DelayDude Midi Sync Cable with two angled plugs (mini and midi) is compatible with the DigiTech SDRUM and allows to use the SDRUM as a MasterClock for other effect pedals with midi input like the Strymon Volante, the Strymon BigSky, the Source Audio Nemesis or Ventris, the TC Electronic DITTOX4 and many more.

It has to be connected to the JamSync and sends SDRUM commands like midi start, midi stop and midi clock to the connected device.

Please notice: There are two types of this DelayDude Midi Sync Cable. They vary in the direction of the midi plug.

Customer Comments:

Darren L., USA: „…finally in sync! Great solution. Thanks!”

Florian G., Germany: „A must-have for all SDRUM and JamMan users!”

Fergal S., Ireland: „I spent so much money for cables of other manufacturers that didn`t work. But this one contains some kind of pixie dust. Works perfect!”

Babette K., Switzerland: „I love the space-saving version! More space on the pedalboard for new pedals 😉