Korg SDD 3000 Preamp Clone


  • all benefits of the great model in a small enclosure
  • true bypass

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Many guitarists use the preamp of the Korg SDD 3000 as a booster.
The clone of the legendary Korg SDD 3000 prevails the benefits of its great model in a compact enclosure.
The adjustment without volume boost will make the guitar sound more vivid and fresh and thereby acts like an exiter.
In combination with a delay pedal the Korg SDD 3000 clone is perfect to get close to the sound of the legendary original.


  • true bypass
  • black -hammer-lacquering
  • input for 9V (internally converted to 15V for more headroom)
  • Pots for preamp, level and postgain

The pedal offered here is in good condition.