Korg Volca [Keys, FM, Sample] Midi Out (Sync) Modification Mod



Midi out mod for your Kolg Volca (Sample, Keys or FM).
The offer refers only to the modification – the Volca is not included.

Advantage: All Volcas will be in sync and start at the same time. The Volca Keys can also be used as a midi keyboard/ sequencer for other sound modules.

The midi output will be installed as a 3.5 mm TRS jack (example picture on the left side next to the midi jack). The respective TRS75-PIN DIN midi cable is included.

On request, I can also replace the keys of the Volca Sample (which sometimes become a bit less sensitive.
The pots as well can be replaced by equivalent pots with a white mark (for a more simple identification of the respective display – see illustrations).