AmpSome years ago only very few guitarists used reverb-effects, apart from a discreet spring reverb integrated into an amplifier. But today you can find almost every month a new reverb-pedal put on the market.
Here I would like to present some different types of reverb-effects.

Spring Reverb

To guitarists the spring reverb might be the most famous reverb-effects. Already since the 60s you can find this kind of reverb integrated into amplifiers. The principle is pretty simple: after the signal passed the preamp it is send through one or more springs before it will be added to the clean signal again.
Especially to the surf music this kind of effect seems to be indispensable. The sound might get a bit blurred and if you turn up the volume you will get the typical drip.
Of course there are numerous digital spring-reverb- effects but to me none of them is able to create this characteristic spring-reverb-drip.
But at least I think the Strymon Flint and also the Boss 63 Spring Reverb offer really nice spring-reverb-simulations.

Plate Reverb

Previously recording studios used huge plates instead of springs to modulate the signal. These plates hung in huge boxes. But since a long time kind of plate-reverb is emulated digitally and is, because of its long time of reverberation pretty suitable to create ambient-sounds.
The TC Electronic Hall of fame, the Neunaber Wet and also the Boss RV-6 create striking plate-reverb emulations.

Modulated Reverb

Many pedals also provide a modulated reverb, in other words a modulated echo. This kind of effect also is quite suitable to create ambient-sounds. I guess the Strymon Big Sky and the Empress Reverb are the most extensive ones. But also smaller pedals like the Old Noise Blood sound very well.

Room Reverb

Many recording-studios used room microphones to capture the natural sound of a room. Sometimes an already recorded signal has been send through a speaker to record it again in a separate room just to capture the sound of the room.
Today every standard preset of a good reverb-pedal includes a room reverb.

Special Reverb-Effects

Besides there are numerous special reverb-effects that do no emulate a natural echo but seem to be some kind of modulation-effects. The shimmer-reverb for example adds an octave to the reverb and thereby creates a gigantic soundscape.
The reverse or gated-reverb are other types of reverbs which are able to create backward- echo or a reverb that only can be heard when you stop playing the guitar.