Review Donner Yellow Fall

Donner Yellow FallThe Donner Yellow Fall is a true analog delay pedal in a very compact enclosure.
And to get straight to the point: this tiny enclosure contains really explosive material. A genuine vintage delay sound!


The yellow aluminum enclosure is very compact and has the perfect weight, so it remains at its place while you switch it on or off. The rubber coating on the bottom intensifies the snug fit on the pedalboard.
For the enclosure is so tiny, the firmly gripping jacks are mounted offset.
Therefore, it is possible to assemble several Donner pedals quite space- saving on the pedalboard.

A 3DPDT footswitch offers a pleasant resistance and seems to be of high-quality.
Furthermore, the Yellow Fall has true bypass.

To adjust the delay sound, the Yellow Fall has three pots.
A big knob in the middle to adjust the delay time and two smaller knobs to control the mix and the feedback.
All pots work pretty nice and can be adjusted very well. The white marks show the respective setting and a bright LED displays the status of the pedal.

Because of the size of the enclosure, the Yellow Fall has no battery clip. It runs on 9V with 36mA via a power supply that can be connected on the end face.

The whole pedal shows a good workmanship and seems to be quite durable. Although the circuit board does not show many parts, but it appears as if they used Thru Hole parts instead of SMD- technology. Thereby, it is also possible to repair or modify this little wonder.

The Yellow Fall provides up to 620ms delay time, while many other analog delays of this size only offer the common 300ms.
With a minimum delay time of 20ms, the Yellow Fall is also suitable for classical slapback delay sounds.


The Yellow Fall creates classical analog delay sounds.
Especially with long delay times, the repeats get a bit grittier and the low end as well as the treble are slightly cut. Thereby, the signal fits perfect into the mix and the low end does not get too dominant. That means, that this tiny pedal has a true vintage character inside.

The attack of the repeats is in a pleasant way percussive. Sonically, it is not as bright as the Deluxe Memory Man neither as dark as several other analog delays.
I would describe its sound close to the character of a DM-2 on steroids (for it has a much longer delay time).

Donner Yellow Fall

Setting options

By turning the time pot into full counter clockwise direction, Echo (mix) to one o’clock and F.Back to 2 o’clock, you will get a sound that is almost reverb-like.
With the time pot set at 9 o’clock you can create a perfect slapback echo and the range up to 12 o’clock produces longer delays.
An interesting fact is, that the delay time does not really increase while you turn the pot from 12 o’clock to 5 o’clock. By extending the feedback, you can use this fact to control the pot by hand and create a slight modulation, which normally is not included in the sonic possibilities of the Yellow Fall.
Of course, there is a little beside noise in the signal, but this is always part of an analog delay.

The Yellow Fall delay sounds best with the feedback pot at 3 o’clock. In this setting, the delay is just before oscillation and starts to build up slightly without becoming too extreme.
The result are gritty pulsing soundscapes. Because of the already mentioned filter (less low end, less treble), these sounds remain gently in the background and do not overlay the played signal.
Unfortunately, the mix pot only allows a mix up to 50/50. Thus, it is not possible to use the delay signal only.
As you would expect from an analog delay, the Yellow Fall provides a nice oscillation. In this context, the feedback pot offers a pleasant control and by using the time pot, you can create pitch effects as well.


It is unbelievable what Donner offers for only 30,99€.
Sonically, this delay does definitively not to be hidden behind the boutique pedals so far.
For sure, you have to dispense with modulation, tap tempo, midi and other features, but you get a super compact true analog delay with a really good sound, solid components and a fine workmanship.
And all at that ridiculous price!
3 days without coffee to go and cigarettes and you have saved enough money for this pedal.

This delay fits on every pedalboard in two ways: regarding its need for space as well as a sonically complement or experiment for oscillation.
And it also might be interesting for synth players as well.

To be honest: At that price, it is a no-brainer anyway.
Thus: go and get it here with 25% off for all DelayDude- followers!

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