Review: Evidence Audio – SIS Kit for patch cables

Evidence AudioThe Evidence Audio SIS Kit is a patch cable kit for pedalboards. The Kit 10 contains 10 plugs and 3 meters of cable. Thus, you can make 5 patch cables with variable lengths. SIS is the abbreviation for “Screw in solderless”. The technique has been revolutionized by the Evidence Audio construction.

The Evidence Audio Monorail Cable

The monorail cable with a length of 3 meters is available in black and a dark red. The external diameter is about 4mm and therefore it is perfect for the wiring on a compact pedalboard. It has a massive conductor path and can be connected to the Evidence Audio solderless plugs or soldered to common other plugs.
The cable is screened very well and has a low capacity. Thus, the cable is also suitable for long cable paths.

The SIS Solderless Plug

The appropriate plugs are very compact and only need little space on the pedalboard. What I really like is, that the head of the plug is edgy and therefore can be fixed very well with the fingers while you assemble the cables. The plugs appear pretty robust and durable.

The special thing about the Evidence Audio SIS Kit is, that, in contrast to the conventional solderless cables, the cable is not only stucked into the plugs. Here, the cables are screwed to the plug what creates a really stable connection. On the company’s web site, you can see, that even a bike can be hung with this connection.
If you want to change the length of the cables, you can easily unscrew, disassemble and re-assemble them again.

The assembly

The assembly of the SIS Kit cables is really easy. First, you strip a small part of the cable like you do when you want to use it for soldering. Then you screw the cable with two turns into the plug and fix the plugs cover. It is really easily done and you will find detailed instructions online. The Evidence Audio support is working very well and is willing to help as soon as possible if there should be any problems.

The sound

It is pretty complicated to compare or describe the sound of cables for they are supposed to be neutral. Furthermore, it takes some time until your pedalboard is re-arranged and re-wired and therefore it is hard to remember the exact sound before. But to me, the signal of my pedalboard seems to be stronger and the sound is powerful and clear with very little besides noise.

The construction is as convincing as the sound. In contrast to numerous other solderless cables, I have had no loose connection or signal breakdown.
For the absolute premium quality of construction and sound, the cables will definitively remain on my pedalboard.