Review: Nux Atlantic -Part I

Nux AtlanticThe first part of this two-part review is dedicated to the construction of the Nux Atlantic delay/reverb. And in the second part you will get to know all about the sound of this astonishing bargain.


The Nux Atlantic is a two-in-one pedal, that offers delay and reverb.
The knobs allow to activate the effects separately as well as in combination.
All together comes around in a stable aluminum enclosure is lacquered in a shining sparkling black.

Two sides – one pedal

The left side of the pedal controls the delay parameters level, repeats and time.
Via time you can adjust the delay time. After activating the tap function, this pot also controls the adjustment of the tapped subdivisions. In this case, you can adjust all tap divisions like quarters, eighths and dotted quarters or dotted eighths.
A small toggle switch allows to choose between the delay sounds which are categorized as 60s, 70s and 80s.

The right side of the pedal controls the reverb with pots for level and decay as well as the toggle switch to select between spring, plate and hall sounds.
Two bright LEDs indicate the state and the tap tempo.
The footswitches control the respective side of the pedal and allow a tap function for the delay effect or a shimmer (in the plate setting) or infinity hold (spring and hall) for the reverb.
A look to the circuit board shows a neat workmanship in SDM technology and reveals that the footswitches activate small tact switches mechanically. Both footswitches are easy to handle.

At the front you will find a micro USB port for firmware updates and a mono input as well as mono or rather stereo outputs. The jacks are screwed to the enclosure.
Via a small switch the level of the pedal can be changed from +4db to -10db to get able to work with line level. This is especially interesting for the pedal can be added to the effect loop of an amplifier via an insert cable.
Besides, reverb and delay can be routed serial as well as parallel.
And you can also choose the order of the routing delay  reverb or reverb delay.
The Nux Atlantic runs on a 9V 300mA power supply (which is not included).