Review: Nux Tape Core Deluxe – Part II

Nux Tape core deluxeWhile the first part of this review was dedicated to the outer and inner values of the Nux Tape Core Deluxe, you will now learn all about the editor of this pedal.

The editor

For those who really want to use the Nux Tape Core Deluxe to its limits, the editor is the right tool to achieve this aim. A sonic adjustment of the repeats can be done via treble and bass. From a clear and bright “underbiased” sound to dark and warm sound scapes- almost everything can be created. By reducing the treble and adding some low end, the sound of the pedal becomes even fuller and can also compete with the boutique pedal competitors.

The quality of the virtual tone heads can be adjusted via wow and flutter. The randomized modulation created via wow reminds of a slipping dusty tape.
While the Roland Space Echo needed to be moved from side to side, to create a modulation that reminds of a chorus effect, the Tape Core Deluxe offers this sonic feature via flutter.

Saturation changes the saturation of the repeats, but it works very subtle.

It becomes pretty interesting when we concern about the reverb. Yes, this pedal has also reverb if you use the editor!
The effect is really nice and reminds with a little drip of a spring reverb. In combination with a delay you will easily get the wash-out sound of a Space Echo.

Furthermore, you can adjust kill dry via the editor. And for each virtual tone head, you can choose a division for the tap function. There are numerous options like dotted quarters, eighths and many more. Thereby, you can design your rhythmical repeats in a unique way. And all settings can be saved in the pedal as a preset.

The editor function “auto tap” spares you the two second pressing of the footswitch to activate the tap function. By hitting the footswitch once, you turn the pedal on or off. Two taps or more within 1.5 seconds will activate the tap function automatically. This is really great! Unfortunately, this function can not be saved, thus you will have to activate this option every time you re-start the editor.

Play with the sonic possibilities

A high mix setting, some reverb, many repeats, a sophisticated treble/bass adjustment and modulation will create beautiful soundscapes that underline your guitar playing gorgeously.
The sound is vivid and dynamically and it is a lot of fun to play around with the repeats.
Without modulation, you will, depending on the sonic setting, get clear and percussive repeats of a well-maintained tape echo.
Sonically, this pedal is really convincing and through its virtual tone heads, it becomes very inspiring.
The stereo image is not as wide as those of other pedals, but actually, this is not what every guitarist long for.
By the way, the Nux Tape Core Deluxe can also be used as a pure spring reverb without delay.


Although the Nux Tape Core Deluxe is not a brand-new release on the market, it should not to be overlooked if you are searching for a new tape echo pedal.
It is really robust and the editor makes it pretty versatile. And the price of only 69€ is unbeatable. But not only because of the price, this pedal does not have to hide behind the more expensive competitors. And especially when you consider the price of some recent boutique effects, the Nux Tape Core Deluxe offers an amazing price-performance ratio.

T.Lock and Auto Tap are two features, other manufacturers could also use more frequently.

From warm, washed-out Space Echo sounds toa a well-maintained tape Echo – everything is possible.
And furthermore, this pedal is really pedalboard-friendly.
For the factory sound is pretty bright, the adjustment of treble and bass can help to attune the sound to your very own setup.
The Nux Tape Core Deluxe would get even better with a firmware-update that allows to activate the Auto Tap function constantly.

All in all, I would definitively recommend the Nux Tape Core Deluxe!