Tips & Tricks: DigiTech SDRUM in sync with the TC Electronic DITTO X4 Part 2

SDRUM DITTOBecause of numerous requests, I would like to illuminate some aspects concerning the synchronization of the SDRUM and the DITTO X4.

Do I need a DigiTech JamMan?

Technically, the 3,5 mm TRS input of the SDRUM is supposed to be used for the synchronization with JamMan pedals.
But inasmuch as the SDRUM has standard midi clock and is able to send start/stop signals, it is also working with other midi pedals (although the producer does not support this in an official way).

How to synchronize the SDRUM with the DITTO X4

To synchronize both pedals, I made myself a TRS DIN 5 midi cable to connect them.
Now the SDRUM sends the midi commands and the clock to the DITTO X4.
When I record a loop on the DITTO X4, the length of the loop will be adjusted to the length of the beat.
The DITTO X4 can now be started and stopped by starting or stopping the SDRUM.
To replay a recorded loop, it is important to start the SDRUM exactly when the tempo LED of the DITTO X4 is lightening (that means at the counting of 1,2,3 or 4 of the DITTO X4).
The length of the loop of the DITTO X4 will now be similar to the beat of the SDRUM and they are absolutely in sync.

A matter of taste: JamMan or DITTO X4?

Speaking for myself I like the DITTO X4 best because it has got less white noise, some interesting effects and the loops can be controlled and started/stopped quite easy.
Besides it has got true bypass.
But the DITTO X4 provides only 2 storage spots.
In the end the decision for the one or the other is a matter of taste.

Synchronization of the JamMan Solo XT/ Express XT via midi?

Yes, this is also possible. With the DelayDude Sync Cable you can connect all DigiTech devices that provide a Jam Sync with other midi devices. It works with the DigiTech Solo XT and the DigiTech JamMan Express XT. You will only have to plug in the DelayDude Sync Cable into the Jam Sync output of the last pedal and then connect the first midi device. It´s important to put the SDRUM first in chain, because the JamMan does not send Midi signal. The signalchain is: SDRUM, JamMan, other Midi devices. It does not work without a SDRUM.

If you are using several JamMan, you can connect them quite simply with a standard 1/8” sync cable. All you have to do is, to connect the last JamMan pedal with the first midi device by using the DelayDude TRS to midi cable. And by adding a midi splitter or using the midi output of the midi device you can also connect further midi devices.

If you want to integrate the SDRUM into this setup too, you will have to place the intelligent drum machine as a master clock at the first place of the effect chain. The SDRUM is unable to receive midi signals – it only sends them.

Is the SDRUM able to start/stop my DAW?

Yes, you can also connect a DAW (like f.e. Ableton Live or Cubase) which can be started/stopped via the SDRUM. On top you can also sync the tempo of the DAW (as far as it is adjusted accordingly).

Click here for the Video about how to synchronize the SDRUM with the DITTO X4.

You can buy the TRS to midi cable here.