Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail

Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail The Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail is a pedalboard-friendly analog delay.
Initially, the mono pedal came around in a stylish silver-blue lacquering, while the more recent version attracts attention in an intensive blue.
It provides up to 600ms of finest analog bucket-brigade delay sounds, but you will have to dispense with features like midi and tap tempo.

Therefore, you will get a sophistically adjustable modulation. And the option to send the wet signal via the integrated effect loop to other effects like chorus, flanger or overdrive.

You can run the true bypass pedal on 9V battery as well as on a power supply.
Today, it is still available for a reasonable price. Here, you will find a Vapor Trail in a mint condition for an even better price.

Especially because of its sophisticated modulation-control, which allows to create almost shimmer-like effects, the Vapor Trail gets 7 of 10 points on my cult-factor scale.