Sound like: Amber Run

Sound likeFor some time, the British band Amber is no longer an insider’s tip and songs like “I found” and “no answers” are definitively high-class tunes.
But their pedalboards also offer some cuties that will make the hearts of guitarists beat faster.

Joshua Keogh

Besides his sunburst Fender Telecaster Custom and a red Mustang, Joshua mostly plays Gibson guitars live on stage. These include inter alia a Gibson Junior DC and a sunburst Gibson ES-335.
On his pedalboard, you will find a Boss TU-3 Tuner, Rockett Archer, NRG Purrer, Strymon ElCapistan, Neunaber Wet Reverb, VL Od-one, Strymon Blue Sky and a Boss Volume Pedal.
Joshua uses a black Hamstead Artist Combo amp which can be controlled by a Hamstead switcher and furthermore, he plays a small Fender Junior.

Will Jones

In general, Will plays white Fender Stratocaster guitars. From time to time, you can also see him using a Fender Jaguar.
His extensive pedalboard can be controlled via a Boss es-5 switcher. Besides an Origin Effects Cali 76-CD Compressor and the Chase Bliss Audio Brothers you will also find Strymons’ big three on his pedalboard: Mobius, Timeline und BigSky. And last, but not least a TC Polytune mini and a Lehle Volume Pedal. One further overdrive pedal is replaced periodically.
He uses a white Hamstead Artist Combo or a Fender Deluxe Reverb/ Twin Reverb.
Some time ago, he also used a Fender Blues Junior.

Tom Sperring

Live on stage, Tom uses different Fender Precision basses. The most well-known are a black P-bass with a rosewood fretboard and a sunburst P-bass with a fretboard made of maple. Occasionally, he also uses a black Rickenbacker 4003 or a red Gibson EB-3.
On his pedalboard, you will find a Sonic Research St-200 Tuner, an Origin Effects Cali 76 Compact Bass Compressor, a Fairfield Circuitry the Barbershop Overdrive and a Hamstead Subspace.
On stage, you will find Tom using a Fender Bass Amp head with a Fender speaker – probably with 6×10 speakers inside.