Sound like: Balthazar

Sound likeTo me, Balthazar have been one of the major discoveries for the past years. First, I joined one of their concerts as a supporting- act of the Editors and I must confess: I was totally amazed.
The sound as well as the style of this band is unique and hard to describe – therefore, just click here and listen.
In this article, I would like to present the bands’ equipment which is so decisive for their sound.

Jinte Deprez

Jinte Deprez mostly uses Fender Mustang and Jaguar guitars. At the moment, he primary uses a white or a red Mustang. Some time ago, he also used a sunburst Jaguar.
Probably, these guitars are 60s Originals that already show several traces of use and the white has by now turned into a yellowish coloring.
The guitars’ bridges have not been changed, so the Fender Jaguar still has the unpopular original bridge. Jinte solely uses the neck pickup. The pickup switches are fixed with tape.

On his pedalboard you will find the following pedals: Ernie Ball Volume Pedal, Boss GE-7 Equalizer, EHX micro POG, Boss FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz, Boss BD-2 Bluesdriver, Boss Compressor, Boss TR-2 Tremolo, Boss Tuner, EHX Deluxe Memory Man (Big Box), Boss DD-3 Delay, Marshall Shredmaster, EHX holy grail Reverb.
In an interview JInte once said that he uses a Laney amp for recording. It is pretty hard to find out, which amps the band uses live on stage, for the amplifiers are always placed behind the stage.
The sound of the guitar is bright and mostly clean with trails. The treble is pretty striking.

Maarten Devoldere

Maarten Devoldere complements all this with a 60s sunburst vintage Stella Harmony Parlor Acoustic guitar which is amplified by a subsequent installed pickup. Probably, this pickup is a DP234 DiMarzio.
Next to a Boss tuner and a Boss compressor, you will only find two further Electro Harmonix pedals on his board. A Memory Toy and a Big Muff.

Simon Casier

Simon Casier habitually uses vintage short scale bass guitars. A white Jedson bass, in a telecaster style, Hofner 182 and also a Fender Jazzbass and a Squier Fretless Jazzbass. By placing some foam between the bridge pickup and the bridge, Simon depresses the strings of the Hofner to get the typical muffled Balthazar sound.
The short scale bass guitars are the perfect instruments for the arrangement of the songs and are decisive for the unique sound of the band.

Tijs Delbeke

The new bandmember Tijs Delbeke is a multi-instrumentalist and assumes many parts of the former violinist.
If he plays guitar, he uses a red Fender Jaguar or various Silvertone/Danelectro guitars.
On his pedalboard, you can find a Boss RC-50 looper and a Boss GT-100 multi effect pedal.