Is there a delay sounding like the Deluxe Memory Man? Part2

Ask the DudeThe Big Box Deluxe Memory Man is by far one of the best delays that have ever been invented.
But the size of the enclosure is tremendous.

But is there a delay that sounds like the Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man? The DOD Rubberneck in fact is a really good delay but it has a different voicing.
The upper mids are a bit more prominent and the repeats come up with more low end.
The sound of the Rubberneck is oriented to the sound of the DOD 680.
It is difficult to find an appropriate substitute for the Deluxe Memory Man.
The Deluxe Memory Man TT 1100 is more compact and has Tap Tempo and subdivisions.
Even if you don’t need the extended delay time it is definitively cleaner than the 550 version.
In my opinion, the new MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe (with modulation and Tap Tempo) might is an appropriate option.

The secrets of the Deluxe Memory Man

The secrets of the Deluxe Memory Man are the preamp and the modulation.
The Edge (U2) normally used a Deluxe Memory Man in the early days of his career. Later he changed to the Korg SDD 3000 rack delay. In this context I made the following experiment:
I made myself a DIY SDD 3000 preamp and put it in front of a digital delay.
By this you will get pretty close to the sound of the Deluxe Memory Man with its legendary percussive repeats and the preamp will also soften the digital sharpness of the treble.
Actually, the sound of the Deluxe Memory Man preamp is quite neutral.
You could also try out a Xotic RC Booster.
Principally the delay needs to be pushed slightly. In contrast to many other analog delays, the Deluxe Memory Man has enough headroom not to clip.

If you also take account of digital emulations, the emulation of the Strymon Timeline is very good (and in collaboration with a preamp pedal sounds even more realistic).
But unfortunately, this pedal is not smaller than the Deluxe Memory Man.
Soon I will compare the Source Audio Nemesis to the Deluxe Memory Man.
I found two presets that sound pretty interesting.

The T-Rex Replica is probably the smallest delay with a sound that gets the most close to the sound of the Deluxe Memory Man. Although the Replica lacks modulation, it offers Tap Tempo and subdivisions.

As you can see, it is difficult to recommend a pedal. The Deluxe Memory Man has its very own character and I think, this is the reason why it is one of the most famous delays ever.