Source Audio Nemesis vs. Line6 DL4

This is a comparison of the Source Audio Nemesis with the Line6 DL4.
The Line6 DL4 has been launched decades ago, but still doesn’t have to be shy about a comparison with the Source Audio Nemesis.

In this demo I compare different modes of these two workhorses.

0:09 DL4: tube tape / Nemesis: noise tape with slight modulation
0:44 DL4: tape echo / Nemesis: tape, mod fccw
1:37 DL4: analog echo / Nemesis: analog
2:22 DL4: analog delay w/mod / Nemesis: analog mode with slight modulation
3:08 DL4: digital delay / Nemesis: digital/ rate & mod fccw
4:03 DL4: lo res delay/ Nemesis: degrade
4:46 DL4: reverse/ Nemesis: reverse

gear: Fender Telecaster, DelayDude Custom Amp, Shure SM57, Cubase, Evidence Audio SIS Cables.