Stereo analog delays

Tips & tricksDelay pedals, analog as well es digital ones are ten a penny.
Mostly, they provide numerous features like tap tempo, modulation and tone pots. But are there any stereo analog delays, too?

Dual mono

Sure, you could run two similar analog delays in parallel. But than you ought to synchronize the tempo of both pedals. And if both pedals are set to the same tempo, they would not create a ping pong – in other words, a signal panning between two amplifiers. Instead, you would hear the repeats of both delays at the same time.
Thereby you would practically get some kind of “dual mono”.
By using one delay with quarter notes and the other one with dotted eighths, you can create repeats that almost remind of stereo sounds.


Most analog delays only offer a single signal output. Some have one wet and one dry output. By splitting the two signals to two amplifiers, you will only get a wet/dry signal that might create a certain kind of three-dimensionality, but in fact, is not a real stereo delay.

Diamond Memory Lane 2

Although the Diamond Memory Lane 2 in fact is no real stereo delay, it offers an interesting additional option. By using the respective mixbox that receives the pure delay signal, you can cross-fade this signal independently in the stereo field between two amplifiers.
Although you won’t get a real stereo delay by this, you will be able to create pretty nice spatial sounds by using the mixbox.


The new Moog Matriarch Synth has an inbuilt stereo analog delay.
Moog is famous for their extensive equipped analog delays with a marvelous sound.
The Moogerfooger 104M-SD als well as the Minifooger delay are unfortunately not available without any problems for their production has been discontinued, but there are a many good reasons why bot pedals are pretty wanted. Expectations are high if Moog will put the stereo analog delay of the new synth in shape of an effect pedal on the market soon.

RT Electronix Ultimate Analog Delay

According to the manufacturer, the RT Electronix Ultimate Analog Delay is a real stereo analog delay.
The pedal has been launched at the NAMM Show in 2015 but, unfortunately, I still do not know if it has been produced yet.
Besides tap tempo the Ultimate Analog Delay is supposed an arpeggiatior as well as the usual functions like subdivisions and modulation.
Although it is advertised as a stereo delay, it rather seems to be a dual mono and the price of $1099 is at the upper end at the price range.

Flux Effects Slipstream

The Flux Effects Slipstream has been put on the market in 2018 and is a real stereo analog delay. It has tap tempo, presets, midi, multihead, subdivisions and numerous other delicacies.
Unfortunately, the price of $500 is rather high and according to first user reviews, it ought to hiss a lot and the signal is designated as quite low.
I have not tried this delay so far but I am curious if these flaws are first batch issues or if there is a universal problem in the whole design of the circuit.

It still stays hard to find a real stereo analog delay and it seems, as if we will stay forced to rely on to synced mono pedals. And we will have to dispense with ping pong delays and wait for what the creative heads of the world of effect pedals will put on the market.