Strymon Deco

Strymon DecoThe Strymon Deco is a relatively pedalboard-friendly effect pedal, that hardly can be characterized as a classical delay pedal.
Underneath the optical shy designed surface, you will find the sound of two tape decks.
Besides tap tempo and an expression-pedal input, the 9 V stereo pedal offers a unique kind of modulation.
By it, you can inter alia emulate the sounds, that Les Paul once created in the studio by using old tape machines with tape flanging and doubler effects.
Unfortunately, the true bypass pedal lacks a midi input, but therefore, it offers sounds that can hardly be created with any other pedal.
On my cult-factor scale, the unique Strymon Deco, which is available unproblematically, gets 9 of 10 points.

Click here for a demo video of the Strymon Deco.