Strymon DIG

Strymon DIg The Strymon DIG is a pedalboard-friendly digital delay which is able to emulate the double-rack unit of the 1980s.
With a maximum delay time of 1.6 seconds the DIG is a perfect companion for rhythmical pattern.
Besides tap tempo and modulation, the 9V stereo pedal also offers an expression pedal input. But unfortunately, it has no input for midi.
Nevertheless, the possibility to adjust the old and classical sounds of the 1980s double-rack units als well as modern digital delay sounds, makes the DIG a versatile friend in a compact enclose.
Right now, the Strymon DIG is still available without any problems.
Because of its brilliant sound and the easy handling, the Strymon DIG gets 8 of 10 points on my cult-factor-scale.