Strymon Iridium

NewsAlmost surprisingly, Strymon put the Iridium – an amp and IR cab simulator – on the market.
The Iridium emulates three classical amplifiers: The options called round, chime and punch are no less than the sounds of the Fender Deluxe Reverb, the Vox AC30 and a Marshall Plexi. These emulations can be combined with varying virtual speakers that are based on impulse response.

A perfect solution for all those, who like to record without an amplifier or who want to send their guitar signal directly to the mixer during a live gig.
For an especially realistic feeling and a classical ambient sound, Strymon also added the emulation of a room reverb.

The knobs for bass, middle, treble, drive and volume allow to fine-tune the sound. For amps like for example the Vox AC30, that actually lack a pot to adjust the mids, the middle pot acts as a cut control. Regarding the Deluxe Reverb, you can alter between the Tweed Deluxe and a Blackface Deluxe by adding some mids.

To me, the option, to plug in headphones directly is pretty interesting for it allows to use your pedalboard for practicing in your bedroom.

The compact size and the high quality of the Strymon products will be able to rough up the market for amp simulators.
I am curious about a direct comparison of the Strymon Iridium with the Line6 Helix or likewise devices. Some time ago, it already seemed, as if the design of the Nux Solid Studio has been inspired by the form of the Strymon enclosures. A comparison with this IR amp simulator promises to be exciting.