Strymon Volante Stereo Image

Tips & tricksAs you know, the Strymon Volante is a stereo pedal and the all playback heads can be arranged freely in the stereo image.
Actually, I have read several times now, that many guitarists like the stereo panorama of the multi head function, but the sound of the single head mode seems pretty one-dimensional compared to other pedals.
In my opinion, there is a simple trick to solve this problem:

The single head trick

If you are looking for a single head delay, you normally use the recording and playback head no. 4. If you choose the recording heads 2 and 4 instead, you can arrange one of them slightly left (11 o’clock) and the other one slightly right (1 o’clock) in the stereo image. Now, you will get the sound of one tone head with a marvelous stereo image.
In contrast to one tone head, the two virtual tone heads will repeat eighths (instead of quarters). Thus, you will have to halve the speed with the speed switch.
Now, you will get single repeats with the right speed in a beautiful stereo image.