Strymon Volante vs. Soundtoys Echoboy VST Plugin

Hardware vs. Software:This is a comparison of the Strymon Volante with the Soundtoys Echoboy VST Plugin.
Check out if there are sonic differences between a pedal and a VST plugin.
This is the first part (tape emulation) of a series of comparisons of a pedal with a VST plugin. Stay tuned for further parts about digital delays and analog delays.

0:11 tape delay
1:21 drum with multi heads
2:50 tape delay (less low end)
3:45 studio
4:54 drum with modulation
5:47 darker tape with modulation (half speed)
7:11 tape with modulation (normal speed)

gear: Fender Telecaster, DelayDude Custom Amp, Shure SM57, Cubase, Evidence Audio SIS Cables.