SUPERBOOTH Berlin 2019

SuperboothThe number of patch cables was almost countless and the music to a large extend digital. But nevertheless, the SUPERBOOTH, which took place in Berlin for the fourth time, had to offer also interesting innovations for the guitar gear lovers.
Besides uncountable novelties from all parts of the world of synthesizers, I primarily focused myself on the usual suspects of the guitar pedal scene.

Foremost the guys from Gamechanger Audio performed in a convincing way. Their Motor Synth builds a bridge between analog and digital technique. Ilja Krumins answered in an absolutely sympatric way to all of my questions concerning the latest strike of the creative heads from Latvia. The respective video about the Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth will be release soon on

But Empress as well presented the Zoia. Eventide came up with the Rose Delay and the H9.

Global Players next to local heroes

Amongst the major players, Moog introduced the Matriarch (unfortunately I was unable to find out if the analog ping pong delay will be available as a pedal soon).
The Korg Volca Nubass is an exciting innovation for the bass players. And the digital mini synthesizer kit enables the DIY-fans to add Korg sounds as well as sounds of other manufacturers.
The stand of Behringer invited the fair visitors to try out numerous reinterpretations of classics like the Model D or the RD-808.

But also, plentiful small manufacturers like Koma, Audiowerkstatt or manufacturers of individual enclosures like BMU found a place next to global players like Yamaha and Roland.

Only the Chase Bliss Audio Blooper suffered from the Berlin nightlife and overslept somehow. During the time, I visited the SUPERBOOTH, the place next to the Tonal Recall and the Thermae remained empty.

And, before I forgot: there were also rumors about Knobs having been there. But as much as I concentrated on the hands of all visitors, I was unable to find him…

Within the next few days you will find further interesting interviews and facts here.