Tips & Tricks: How to synchronize several delay pedals without midi

Tips & tricksFrequently it is desirable to adjust the speed of your delay exactly to the tempo of a song.
While rack effects use midi for that, the more compact delay pedals do have tap tempo but they mostly lack a midi input.
For those delays there are some interesting devices that make a synchronization possible anyhow.

Disaster Area SMARTClock

Disaster Area is a manufacturer that is specialized in the invention of practical solutions for the pedalboard.
Besides extensive and complex loopers and switchers, the SMARTClock is pretty interesting for delay fans.
This device enables you to synchronize several delays with a tap tempo output.
In addition, the SMARTClock can be integrated into a corresponding setup.
Diverse ratios allow to tap one delay to dotted eighth notes and a second one to quarter notes.
The tap jacks can be configured differently and via corresponding adapter cables you can also control pedals which need TRS cables.

Selah Effects Quartz Timer v2

The Selah Effects Quartz Timer v2 provides midi in and out and offers the opportunity to control several pedals at the same time, too.
A large display and a free of charge configurator facilitate the creation of a complete set list.
To me it is quite interesting that the outputs can be configured especially for pedals that need a TRS.
By this you won’t need an additional adapter cable.
The opportunity to adjust the number of the send taps is pretty helpful to control pedals that need only two taps.
In addition, the Quartz Timer v2 offers the chance to set varying ratios for every output and by this to tap eighth, quarters, dotted and many more.
The metronome input of the pedal allows a synchronization with a drum computer via audio click.

Tapestry Audio – Time Traveler BPM Sync

The Tapestry Audio Time Traveler BPM Syn is able to synchronize up to three pedals, has 10 storages, is compatible with normally open and normally closed tap tempo jacks and can be connected via TS or TRS cable.

Molten Voltage – CLT- Sync

The Molten Voltage CTL Sync represents a more simple way to synchronize to pedals via one incoming midi tempo.
It lacks a clock but therefore it offers two pots to adjust different ratios for each output.