Strymon Brigadier vs. Ibanez AD9 and Boss DM-2

This is a comparison of the Ibanez AD9 and the Boss DM-2 with the Strymon Brigadier.
The Ibanez AD9 and the Boss DM-2 are two of the first analog delays. They provide a maximum delay time of about 300ms and a unique kind of oscillation.
For this comparison, choose the short setting for the Brigadier, because, it emulates an analog delay with one IC. Thereby, the Brigadier gets close to the sound of the AD9 and the DM-2.

0:11 Ibanez AD9 max delay time Continue reading “Strymon Brigadier vs. Ibanez AD9 and Boss DM-2”

Budget Delays Part I

Ask the DudeThere is an enormous number of nice delay pedals and there is one within everyone’s price range.
Regarding the budget area, you will also find a lot of good delay pedals, analog ones as well as tape emulations and digital delays.

In this three-part series, I would like to present some delays of all three sections that are available for ridiculous prices. Continue reading “Budget Delays Part I”