AnalogMan ARDX20 Dual Analog Delay

ARDX20The AnalogMan ARDX20 is a delay pedal with a completely analog circuit.
Because of its size it is rather less pedalboard-friendly, but especially accompanied by the AMAZEo it becomes an excellent delay pedal. Continue reading “AnalogMan ARDX20 Dual Analog Delay”

My Top 10 delays

Effect PedalThese are the top 10 analog delays.
Of course this ranking is absolutely subjective. Continue reading “My Top 10 delays”

Which Pedal should I get ? Memory Lane 2 vs. ARDX20

The Diamond Memory Lane 2 or the AnalogMan ARDX20?

Which pedal you should get depending on the sound you long for. Continue reading “Which Pedal should I get ? Memory Lane 2 vs. ARDX20”