Analog, digital and tape delay – how do they sound with an overdrive pedal (AnalogMan King of Tone)?

This is a comparison of three different types of delays all accompanied by the AnalogMan King of Tone.
For this demo I used a dark analog delay (DOD Rubberneck), a digital delay (Strymon DIG) and a tape delay(Fulltone Tube Tape Echo).
The first 25 seconds you can hear a sneak peak of each type of delay accompanied by the King of Tone.
Learn more about the how the King of Tone affects every single type of delay depending on the respective kind of playing (palm mutes, modulation, in the mix).

0:07 AnalogMan King of Tone solo
0:10 sneak peak DOD Rubberneck + King of Tone Continue reading “Analog, digital and tape delay – how do they sound with an overdrive pedal (AnalogMan King of Tone)?”

Review: Strymon Volante part 1

Strymon VolanteThe Italian as well as the Spanish word “Volante“ means wheel or travelling/flying.
I think, it refers to the magnetic disc of a Binson Echorec, for the Strymon Volante emulates its sounds (as well as further tape echo sounds) in a very special way. Continue reading “Review: Strymon Volante part 1”

+++ NAMM 2019 News Part 1 +++

NewsBefore the NAMM 2019 opens the doors for guitar geeks from all over the world, the first information about new pedals, amps and instruments are announced. Here I would like to present a small selection of interesting news: Continue reading “+++ NAMM 2019 News Part 1 +++”

Effect History: Multi Digital Delays (Part 2)

Effect PedalThe next generation

The first part of this series was about the Boss DD-20 and the Line6 DL4.
Both pedals have been the standard for a long time and still they are pretty popular.
But they have been replaced by technically extensive pedals of the next generation. Continue reading “Effect History: Multi Digital Delays (Part 2)”