Tips & Tricks: Multi – Amp Setup – advantages and pitfalls

I guess none of the guitarists who have ever used more than one amp simultaneously would dispense with this kind of sound.
Regardless of whether you use a stereo setup, running a delay through both amps or chose a wet dry setup with the wet signal coming through the first and the dry signal through the second amp, the sonic enrichment will be amazing. Continue reading “Tips & Tricks: Multi – Amp Setup – advantages and pitfalls”

Fender Reverb Amp: Hum-elimination

My Silverface Fender Princeton Reverb was humming as soon as I turned on the Reverb. I could exclude numerous sources of error. Then I found out, that the mass-copperplate did not have sufficient contact to the chassis. By tightening the nut of the input I could eliminate this fault. This is the video: