Analog ping pong delay

Tips & tricksPing pong delay is a popular feature of many digital delays.
But what about analog delays? Is there a way to stack two analog delays to create a ping pong effect?
I would not be the delay specialist, if I would not have take interest in this issue. Continue reading “Analog ping pong delay”

SMD vs. THT parts

Ask the DudeToday, more and more circuit boards are assembled with cost-effective SMD parts.
But what are the advantages and the disadvantages of SMD technology?
Why does it make sense to use in some cases THT technology?
And what do the acronyms SMD and THT actually stand for? Continue reading “SMD vs. THT parts”

Synthesizer – more than 80s sounds

moog-minitaur„Synthesizer“ – this word and everything associated with it give shivers of horror to many guitarists and bass players. Instantly, the horrible sounds of the 80s come to one’s mind and the keyboarders actually have never been the popular members of a band. Continue reading “Synthesizer – more than 80s sounds”