Tips & Tricks: Truetone CS7

Tips & tricksWhile, some time ago, multi power supplies mostly were transformer based, Truetone uses digital technology for their multi power supplies. Continue reading “Tips & Tricks: Truetone CS7”

Why do IC-based overdrive pedals always sound harsh?

Ask the DudeIf you are looking for an overdrive pedal that is able to emulate a slightly overdriven amplifier, you ought to choose a stompbox without IC chips. Continue reading “Why do IC-based overdrive pedals always sound harsh?”

Tips & Tricks: The best power supply

Tips & tricksThe majority of pedals run on 9V and many of them can be used with a 9V battery.
But insatiable digital effects suck out the batteries at top speed or it is impossible to run them on battery.
This is when the question arises, which power supply is the most suitable one. Continue reading “Tips & Tricks: The best power supply”