SMD vs. THT parts

Ask the DudeToday, more and more circuit boards are assembled with cost-effective SMD parts.
But what are the advantages and the disadvantages of SMD technology?
Why does it make sense to use in some cases THT technology?
And what do the acronyms SMD and THT actually stand for? Continue reading “SMD vs. THT parts”

Vintage effect portraits: Colorsound Supa Wah Fuzz Swell

ColorsoundThe Colorsound Supa Wah Fuzz Swell is one of the first multi effect pedals. Developed in the early 1970s in England, this pedal is hard to find today. Continue reading “Vintage effect portraits: Colorsound Supa Wah Fuzz Swell”

Fender Reverb Amp: Hum-elimination

My Silverface Fender Princeton Reverb was humming as soon as I turned on the Reverb. I could exclude numerous sources of error. Then I found out, that the mass-copperplate did not have sufficient contact to the chassis. By tightening the nut of the input I could eliminate this fault. This is the video: