Hughes & Kettner Replex

Hughes and Kettner ReplexThe Hughes & Kettner Replex a not even pedalboard-friendly digital delay which is specialized on a marvelous tube sound.
But the outstanding design, as well as its sound are justifying the size of this true bypass pedal absolutely. Continue reading “Hughes & Kettner Replex”

Tape Echo Emulations: Hughes & Kettner Replex or T-Rex Replica

Which PedalBecause of their very special sound which is less sterile or dull (in comparison to digital or analog delays), tape echo emulation pedals are almost among the most popular delay effects. Continue reading “Tape Echo Emulations: Hughes & Kettner Replex or T-Rex Replica”

Hughes and Kettner Replex vs Fulltone TTE

This is a comparison of the Hughes & Kettner Replex (which is a very fine tube driven tape emulation) with the Fulltone Tube Tape Echo.


Weitere Vergleichsvideos des Fulltone TTE findest du hier.