Strymon Brigadier vs. DOD Rubberneck

This is a comparison of the Strymon Brigadier with the DOD Rubberneck.
I think, the DOD Rubberneck sets the standards regarding analog delay pedals. Therefore, I would like to find out if the Strymon Brigadier is able to emulate such analog sounds.
Besides the comparison of different settings, I also checked out how these two sound stacked.

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Review: Strymon Brigadier Part 2

The first part of the  of the Strymon Brigadier-review was about the features of this digital delay pedal. This second part is dedicated to the sound of the Strymon Brigadier.


Th short mode, which is oriented to a one-chip delay, offers a beautiful slapback sound with at least up to 400ms. Maxed, the delay sound becomes somehow metallic – similar to an analog delay with an overclocked chip.
The peak of the repeats is very realistic at the upper mids and cut very well through the mix. Continue reading “Review: Strymon Brigadier Part 2”

Strymon Brigadier

This is a demo about several sonic options of the Strymon Brigadier.
For a detailed review and further information about the different modes click here.

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Review: Strymon Brigadier Part 1

Strymon BrigadierThis is the first part of a detailed review about theStrymon Brigadier, a dbucket delay which emulates an analog delay is dedicated to the features of this digital delay pedal.
The Brigadier comes around in a compact, green aluminum enclosure that is similar to the ones we know from the El Capistan, the DIG or the Flint. While these three are absolutely legendary, the Brigadier seems to be overlooked in a certain way. With justification? Continue reading “Review: Strymon Brigadier Part 1”