Effect pedals interacting with the whole setup

Ask the DudeOne loves the Tubescreamer, the other hates it. It is impossible to keep everyone happy. While to one guitarist the overdrive pedal sounds perfect, stresses the mids in an optimal way and creates the ultimate range of distortion, the same pedal seems hollow with the bass cut quite too much to another guitar player. Continue reading “Effect pedals interacting with the whole setup”

Tips & Tricks: Stacking Boost Pedals

Tips & tricksYou are looking for a transparent overdrive pedal?
Your favorite one has too much gain and you are searching for the ultimate low gain overdrive?

Maybe an overdrive pedal is not the best choice for you. Continue reading “Tips & Tricks: Stacking Boost Pedals”

Jazzmaster Pickups – Vintage correct or Classic Player?

Fender JazzmasterJazzmaster Pickups -vintage correct or Classic Player?
In 1958 Fender debuted the Jazzmaster guitar which has since been reissued numerous times.
Mainly the grunge music of the 90s made the Jazzmaster guitars and other “offset” like the Jaguar and the Mustang pretty popular. Continue reading “Jazzmaster Pickups – Vintage correct or Classic Player?”