7 questions to Timothy Lamb (Dirtywave)

When I met Tim at SUPERBOOTH in Berlin in May 2022, I was still on the waiting list for the Dirtywave M8 tracker and was extremely excited about what to expect in September.
What I got it then, earlier than expected, it just blew my mind and it’s unbelievable how quickly the hours pass when you hold this little marvel in your hands.
The Dirtywave M8 Tracker has long since ceased to be an insider tip, even if it is only produced and offered in small batches. Continue reading “7 questions to Timothy Lamb (Dirtywave)”

Timmy V3 Anniversary Overdrive Pedal

TimmyPaul Cochrane is not even an unknown quantity in the world of effect pedals: He is the inventor of the “transparent overdrive”. First, he created the Tim. The more compact version, named Timmy is now celebrating its fifteenth anniversary. Continue reading “Timmy V3 Anniversary Overdrive Pedal”