Tape Emulation, analog and digital delay – how do they sound with an overdrive pedal (Paul Cochrane Timmy)?

This is a comparison of three different types of delays all accompanied by the Timmy.
For this demo I used a classic analog delay (Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man), a tape echo emulation (Strymon Volante) and a digital delay (Empress Echosystem).
The Paul Cochrane Timmy is probably the best choice, if you are looking for a transparent overdrive. so, go ahead and find out, how it affects every single type of delay depending on the respective kind of playing (like dynamic playing, modulation, in the mix).
If you are looking for a sonic sneak peak, check out 1:22.

0:04 EXH Deluxe Memory Man with Timmy Continue reading “Tape Emulation, analog and digital delay – how do they sound with an overdrive pedal (Paul Cochrane Timmy)?”

Review: BYOC Crown Jewel Part II

Crown JewelThe Crown Jewel is probably the most versatile overdrive, booster, distortion and fuzz pedal ever invented.
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Timmy V3 Anniversary Overdrive Pedal

TimmyPaul Cochrane is not even an unknown quantity in the world of effect pedals: He is the inventor of the “transparent overdrive”. First, he created the Tim. The more compact version, named Timmy is now celebrating its fifteenth anniversary. Continue reading “Timmy V3 Anniversary Overdrive Pedal”

Transparent Overdrives- The perfect Low Gain Sound

In many forums all over the world guitarist are searching for the “transparent overdrive”. But what is meant by this and does a transparent overdrive make sense?

Ibanez TS-9 TubescreamerTubescreamer

Tubscreamer and similar overdrives place great emphasis on the mids. This kind of overdrive is appropriate as an additional booster to an amplifier that is already overdriven. By creating haunting mids the sound of the guitar becomes more assertive and will be perceived much more in the context of the band as a whole. Continue reading “Transparent Overdrives- The perfect Low Gain Sound”