Is there tap tempo apps for analog delay pedals?

A readers’ question to the Dude:

For my Telecaster, I use an analog setup: A Mad Professor Sweet Honey Deluxe, a MXR Analog Chorus, a MXR Carbon Copy into a Fender Custom Vibro Champ Reverb.

At the moment, to me, it is pretty difficult to adjust the delay time of the Carbon Copy. Surely, I know that there are apps to tap the repeats manually and then they will be shown on the display. At that point, I can re-adjust the time, play again, tap again and so on.

My question regarding that issue is: Do you know an app that listens while I play a note, and then shows the respective delay time so I can re-adjust the time easily?


Thanks a lot for your request. This is a really exciting question and there are several options to solve the problem: First, there is an app called “Simple BPM Detector”. According to your needs, it is able to identify the BPM of a replayed song. This means, you can adjust the respective delay time, record the sound with the microphone of your mobile and the corresponding BPM will be shown on the display.
On the internet you can find also calculators and tables that convert the requested BMP into milli seconds to get eighths, quarters, dotted eighths etc.
Unfortunately, the identification of milli seconds makes sense if your delay is able to display this measuring unit.

Marks on the pedal

Regrettably, the Carbon Copy does not provide marks, but it is possible to affix little marks to the respective setting of the time pot. Whenever you figured out an appropriate delay time for your song, you could affix a small patch next to the delay time pot and mark the respective setting.
Actually, it is possible to buy such stickers that even glow in the dark.

Another, but quite cumbersome solution is a delay with midi sync function. In this case, you will have to upload the song to a software like Ableton, Cubase or Logic and then adjust the BPM.

Alternative delay pedals

And if you are willing to change your delay pedal, the TC Electronic Flashback might be an option for you. It is able to identify the speed automatically by keeping the footswitch pressed. Therefore, you will have to play quarters on the guitar (during the recording, the pedal will be muted). It works quite well and it is much easier than a manual adjustment or a tapping.

Helpful devices

Another option is the Visual Sound “Time Bandit”. This device can be connected via TRS plug to an audio source (PC, Smartphone, hi-fi audio system). It is able to identify the respective BPM of a song and shows it on the display.
Connected to the tap tempo input of a delay (like the Boss DD-8 or any delay with tap tempo input), the device “taps” the speed automatically.
Unfortunately, the “Time Bandit” is only available in used condition because the production has been discontinued. But actually, the prices are pretty low.

I think, one of these suggestions could help you to find the solution for your problem.

Enjoy experimenting!