TC Electronic Flashback 2

Flashback2Similar to the TC Electronic Flashback, the Flashback 2 is a pedalboard-friendly digital delay as well.
Additionally, to the sounds of its predecessor, the Flashback 2 offers the “Crystal Delay” that adds an octave-effect to each repeat.
It also comes around with the stereo function which allows to stack two identical delays and offers furthermore the so-called mash-function. The mash function enables you to control the functions of the respective preset via the expression function of the footswitch.
Analogous to all other Flashback-versions, the true bypass pedal offers a free editor which allows the adjustment and fine-tuning of almost every parameter.

Instead of a tap tempo, the Flashback 2 also offers audio tapping. Thereby, you can adjust the speed of your delay via the string attack. To me, a very nice feature.
And the inbuild looper that allows to record a 40 second mono-loop or a 20 second stereo loop.
This feature definitively compensates for the lack of midi or an input for an expression pedal.

The mash function, audio tapping and the free editor makes the TC Eletronic Flashback 2 a well-priced and nice delay that is available without any problems.
On my cult factor scale it gets 8 of 10 points.