TC Electronic Flashback Mini

Flashback miniThe TC Electronic Flashback Mini is most pedalboard-friendly mono-version of the Flashback.
In a very compact enclosure, this digital delay comes around with up to 7 seconds of maximum delay time and only very few pots. But you can dispense with more pots easily because it is possible to adjust the sound quite well via the free editor. Thereby, this pipsqueak fits on the smallest pedalboard.
Besides the Mash-function we already know from the Flashback 2, the 9V-pedal has got new tape- and analog-sound algorithms as well as true bypass and modulation.

And of course, the small brother of the Flashback provides audio tapping which almost compensates the lack of midi.
The TC Electronic Flashback Mini is available today without any problems.

For the TC Electronic Flashback Mini is a mono pedal with only one tone-print, it gets 6 of 10 points on my cult-factor scale.