TC Electronic Flashback Triple

TC Flasback TripleThe TC Electronic Flashback Triple is a less pedalboard-friendly digital delay, which, as compensation for its size offers the possibility to use three different delays at the same time.
Thereby, the 9V pedal is perfect for those who want to create rhythmical pattern.
Furthermore, the Flashback Triple offers the agony of choice: 16 different types of delays, 11 varying subdivisions and buffered-bypass or true bypass?
And you will also get tap tempo, inputs for an expression pedal and midi and a maximum delay time of 7 seconds.

But in the end, I have to confess, that the thought of using three delays at the same time might be unique but actually, there will be few occasions to use this feature.

Nevertheless, the TC Electronic Flashback Triple is a nice standard delay for those who have got a lot of free space on their pedalboard. And, it is available pretty unproblematic.

On my cult- factor- scale it gets 7 of 10 points.