TC Electronic Flashback

TC Electronic FlashbackThe TC Electronic Flashback is a pedalboard friendly digital delay.
The solid allrounder comes around with numerous classical delay sounds. And because of the fact that TC Electronic is authorized to do so, they call the digital mode of the Flashback “2290”. If this digital delay with modulation gets closer to the sound of the legend remains to be discussed.
And although many guitarists with a mono-rig think, that there is no need for the stereo function of this small stomp box, I appreciate the possibility to stack two (identical) delays via a smart usage of the inputs.
Similar to all other Flashback-versions, the true bypass pedal offers a free editor which allows the adjustment and fine-tuning of almost every parameter.
Tap Tempo will be searched in vain, but therefore the 9V-pedal offers the so-called audio tapping. This function enables the guitarist to adjust the speed of the delay via the attack of the guitar strings.

And the inbuild looper that allows to record a 40 second mono-loop or a 20 second stereo loop.
This feature definitively compensates for the lack of midi or an input for an expression pedal.
Especially for beginners, the TC Electronic Flashback is a well-priced delay that is available without any problems.
On my cult-factor- scale it gets 7 of 10 points.