Review: BYOC Crown Jewel Part II

Crown JewelThe Crown Jewel is probably the most versatile overdrive, booster, distortion and fuzz pedal ever invented.
In this second part, I would like to explain some features in detail.

Mids pot

The mids pot is a feature that makes the pedal even more interesting for it is able to create the mid boost of a Tubescreamer as well as of a Klon or the scooped mids of a metal overdrive. Even a filter effect similar to the Moog overdrive can be created. From a slight adjustment up to a complete sound bending – everything is possible.
The 18V options extends the headroom and reduces the compression. We already know this function from the Klon Centaur.
The different types of clipping options chance the overdrive substantially: from a transparent to a warm and compressed overdrive up to a sharp and aggressive distortion –a few simple steps make almost everything possible.


To avoid losing the overview, it is advisable to start with the drive pot set to 9 o’clock and all other knobs at 12 o’clock. Now you can easily start your journey to the overdrive sound you are looking for.
On YouTube you can find a video of the manufacturer about a comparison of the Crown Jewel with other famous overdrive pedals (Klon Centaur, Timmy, Fulltone OCD, Proco Rat and so on). Honestly, I have to confess, that, besides its very own sound character, the Crown Jewel is able to sound like many of these pedals.
By changing the order of boost and drive you can raise the volume of the overdrive sound (drive -boost) or intensify the overdrive (boost – drive).


The Crown Jewel offers the most extensive setting options I have ever seen in one overdrive pedal. And, in addition, it sounds really great.
The Crown Jewel never seems bent out of shape but shines at every setting.
Whether for fine-tuning or to emulate famous overdrive pedals, this stompbox is absolutely brilliant!
Unfortunately, the Crown Jewel is pretty rare and therefore, it is complicated to get one.
But it definitively has the capacity to replace all other overdrive pedals on your pedalboard.
To me, there are only three competitors: The Dr. Scientist Elements, which actually is unable to combine a boost with a drive and whose mids options are not as flexible as those of the Crown Jewel.
The Elektron Analog Drive that provides presets but needs much space on the pedalboard.
And the Chase Bliss Audio Automatone Preamp MKII, which is not available yet. This pedal is supposed to provide presets and a likewise tone control, but the price will be much higher. Furthermore, it lacks a presence pot, offers less clipping options and is also unable to combine a boost with a drive.

Thus, if you get the chance to get a Crown Jewel – go and get it!

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