Review: Empress Echosystem – Part 1

Empress Echosystem The Empress Echosystem is an extensive equipped delay (or rather two delay engines) in a compact enclosure. I think, that this pedal is able to create almost every kind of sound.

For the sounds and functions of this pedal are so broad, you will get a three-part-review.
The first part is dedicated to the construction and the structure of the Echosystem.
And in the second and third part of this review, you will learn more about some of the almost endless sonic possibilities of this pedal.


The Echosystem comes around in a natty and pretty compact enclosure, lacquered in sparkling white.
It can be used true bypass as well as buffered. Besides the usual knobs for delay time and feedback, it also has pots to control mix and output. Thus, the signal can be boosted very well. The tone pot is made for the fine-tuning of the delay sound. The functions of Thing 1 and Thing 2 vary depending on the respective delay algorithm. Mostly, they control parameters like speed, depth of modulation or pitch, filter or saturation.
Another pot can be used to chose between the 12 different delay sounds, each equipped with 2 -5 varied algorithms.


Three footswitches for bypass, tap tempo and preset selection are installed slightly heightened, thus you can kick them carefree. A small switch allows to arrange the delay engines separately, serial, parallel or left/right. Actually, it is possible to choose two different delay engines at the same time and define a respective routing.
Depending on the configuration, the three footswitches can be used to chose a preset. In conjunction with the other switches, the small switch serves the extensive configuration of the pedal.

In- and out

At the front side, you will find stereo in- and outputs. One output is transformer isolated to avoid possible ground loops if you run the pedal stereo. This is really clever!
If you run the pedal mono, you can use the second in-/output to add further effects and thereby get an effect loop.
The Control Port can be used as input for an expression pedal or midi.
The SD Card Slot of the 9V pedal (minimum 300 mA) is intended to facilitate possible updates or the integrated looper.

Stay curious. In the next part you will learn more about the extensive and brilliant sonic possibilities of the Empress Echosystem.