Review: Empress Echosystem – Part 3

Empress EchosystemIn this last part of my Empress Echosystem review, I would like to present further sounds of this outstanding pedal.


By choosing this mode you can add various filters to the delay signal. They can be controlled by the volume of the delay or via LFO and thus bring out the three-dimensionality of this pedal even more.


Ambient provides everything to create marvelous soundscapes and atmospheres. From a multitap with reverb to swell effects to ultra-long delays. Garnished with modulation or filters and thereby ought to be the perfect companion for movie soundtracks.

Delay and reverb

The setting delay + reverb offers two really convincing hall and plate algorithms combined with a delay. You will get two beautiful combinations that make an additional reverb pedal almost superfluous.


Besides the usual reverse delays, which by the way can be fine-tuned very nice by using the tone pot, you will also find reverse delays with pitch effects here. You can choose between different intervals that create whole soundscapes and almost remind of synthesizers. Reverse with low octave produces marvelous drone sounds.
Indeed, really good sounds that definitively can cause addiction.


The stutter mode chops the signal in varying intensity and triggering (auto, tap) and freezes it. The feedback pot can be used to control the distortion. There are only few delay pedals that offer such a stutter effect. But it is pretty rhythmical and used right, it can underline the character of a song in a sophisticated way.


I also like the lo-fi sounds a lot. They make the signal somehow thinner and slightly overdriven. An inserted alias frequency can be adjusted. Thereby, you can also emulate old and bad-maintained analog delays. The signal fits perfect into the mix and sounds pretty vivid.


A compilation of crazy sounds far away from a standard delay. Besides triggered pitch effects, you will find modulated shimmer effects. Really spherical and definitively not suitable for Joe and Jane Lunchbucket. But they are fun!


All this delay engines can be combined and arranged disparately. In a stereo setup you can for example run a rhythmical digital delay through one amp and a warm analog delay through the other. Or a serial tape delay into a reverse delay. Or a pitch delay with a multi tap delay….
Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to adjust varying ratios/delay times for both engines. The possibilities are almost endless.

Last tip

When I use a setup with a Vox and a Fender amp for example, I choose a dark analog delay for the Vox and a percussive tape delay for the Fender amp. They complement each other beautifully. By running a tape delay through the Vox (instead of an analog delay), the different sound creates a totally distinct atmosphere. This is really inspiring and can be fine-tuned according to each song. The chosen sounds can be saved quite easily in a preset and then can be controlled via midi.

And Empress also offers further updates. It is really easy to update the Echosystem via the SD card slot.  To be honest, I am looking for an analog delay algorithm with an envelope controlled modulation. I am curious about the future features of this pedal. But nevertheless, it already is the most extensive and extraordinary delay, I have tested so far.


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