Review: Eventide Rose – Part 2

Eventide RoseThe Eventide Rose is a digital delay with some special features.

This second part of the two-part review is about concrete functions like reverse and midi. And, of course, you will get my conclusion about this delightful delay pedal.


The reverse mode of this pedal is also really nice. It gets especially interesting when you use the Delta switch to halve/double the speed of the delay and thereby, create bizarre pitch effects.

You can assign different functions to the Hotswitch. Thus, it can be used to activate tap tempo, infinite repeats or the Hold Mod. Additionally, you can also connect an aux switch that is able to assume various switching functions.


Of course, the pedal provides also midi functions (preset, control change). Unfortunately, you need a TTL adapter to use midi via the TRS. For TTL is a different standard, a 5 pin/TRS cable or an Empress Midi Box does not work here.
In this case, I would have liked a solution identically to the one of the H9. But of course, midi via USB is also possible.
And, a stereo output would also have been a nice feature. There is a suitable little place vacant at the front side of the pedal. But even as a mono pedal, the Rose is more than only versatile.


The Eventide Rose is a beautiful sounding delay pedal. A rather small enclosure accommodates numerous functions. From a clear digital delay, darker “analog” delays with a crazy modulation to reverse/ pitch shift delays.
Optically, the Rose might not be everybody’s darling, but the sounds as well as the functions are definitively convincing.