Review: Strymon Volante part 1

Strymon VolanteSince the El Capistan, Strymon is famous for their tape sounds and the Volante offers wow and flutter, tape speeds and tape saturation of the highest quality.
The studio mode provides quasi the hi-fi version of a tape sound. In this case also, a tape is emulated, but the studio tapes provide a more well-balanced frequency range and more headroom.
By this, the studio mode as well, offers a full and gorgeous tape sound.

As already mentioned above, the variation of the speed (half, normal, double) will affect the sound as well as the modulation of the delay. While slow tape sounds will be darker and produce a bit more wow and flutter, a faster speed will create a clearer and brighter tone that modulates more sophisticated. According to a real tape delay.

Apart from the really marvelous delay sound, the Volante provides some additional features.
The selection of the certain playback heads is a real playground for delay enthusiasts.
One single repeat seems to bore the Volante for it wants to dive into the varying and rocking soundscapes of endless repeats.
By using the spacing pot, you can transform the well- maintained tape echo to an aged and worn-out machine which creates totally new emphasizes.

Golden and silver spacing

By the way: in contrast to rumors on the internet, the terms golden and silver spacing does not refer to the faceplates of different Echorec versions, but to the golden and silver ratio, means, special emphasizes that occure not in accordance to the rhythm and therefore do not overlay each other.
The golden ratio is oriented to the first playback head, the silver refers to the fourth.

The preamp boosts the signal and set to 10 o`clock it starts slightly to overdrive. By this, you will get beautiful delays that emulate an overmodulated tape echo.
By cutting the low end a little bit, adjusting numerous repeats and reducing the volume of the delay intensifies the joy of playing even more. You will get a soundscape that fades away little by little and thereby creates a marvelous atmosphere.


What is your desired delay sound like?
Clean with rhythmical repeats? Should it sound like an old, bad-maintained tape echo that has been in a dusty corner for 50 years?
The Volante provides all this, garnished with midi and tap tempo!
This sound tool, which is really easy to handle and does not know any secondary functions or extensive menus, is absolutely fun and animates to experiment.
Alone for the virtual playback heads, the Volante earns its place on the pedalboard.

Price: €435,-/ $ 399,-

Category: Tape Echo/ Magnetic disc emulation

Valuation: For delay freaks and vintage (sound) fans!

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