Review: Wampler Faux Tape Echo

Wampler Faux Tape EchoAlready, there are 3 versions of the Wampler Faux Tape Echo with the purple sparkling enclosure.
While the third version allows to adjust the subdivisions, the version 1.2, that will be presented in this review, provides the possibility to deactivate the modulation.
The first version came along without tap tempo, but it offered modulation with envelope – thus, the intensity has been controlled via the string attack.


The Faux Tape Echo comes along in a beautiful lacquered and stable aluminum enclosure in the size of a BB Hammond enclosure. For the enclosure is constructed a bit higher than usually, the foot switches for true bypass and tap tempo can still be activated easily even if you place the pedal on the second row of your pedalboard.
Besides the familiar knobs for level, echo, and repeats, the Faux Tape Echo also offers the shade tone pot. The speed and the intensity of the modulation can be deactivated by toggle switch and adjusted via movement and sway.
Of course, you can deactivate the modulation by turning the depth of the modulation to full counterclockwise direction, but by using the toggle switch, you will not have to alter your favorite setting options.
On the front of the pedal you will find the 9V power supply input. In and out can be found on the left/right side of the pedal.


The delay with a maximum delay time of 600ms captures the character of a tape echo in a very nice way.
With the shade pot set to 12 o’clock and a delay signal that is a bit louder than the original signal, the delays float from the speakers in the best manner of a tape delay.
By slightly turning the shade pot to a counterclockwise direction, the signal becomes darker while it stays clear and defined.
Maxed, the shade pot offers the sound of a new inserted tape with percussive and organic attacks. The signal murmurs slightly and there is a slight distortion in the repeats – all this belongs to the sonic character of a tape delay and therefore has been emulated in very sophisticated way.


One thing, that is really special about this pedal is the modulation. It is possible to adjust the modulation in a very fine way and even set to an extreme, it never starts to drone. It really feels as if you are using a tape delay with an old, worn-out and dirty tape. By using the shade pot to adjust the desired sonic character, you will get inspiring sounds for weeks!


The Wampler Faux Tape Echo captivates by its functional simplicity, its compact construction and the authentic tape sound – including a fantastic modulation.
The delay fits perfect into the mix and can be adjusted via the shade pot in a sophisticated way.

Category: Tape echo emulation

Valuation: A dirty, drifting echo dream