The DelayDude Midi Sync Cable: Now approved by The Pedal Guy!

NewsThe DelayDude Midi Sync cable has been created to synchronize the Digitech SDRUM with the DITTO X4.
Now, The Pedal Guy has checked the DelayDude Midi Sync cable and to him as well, “it works like a charm!”.

The DigiTech SDRUM has no midi input and the producer does not guarantee that it works in sync with other midi devices.
To synchronize the SDRUM with the DittoX4 you can use the TRS output on the front of the SDRUM and a specifically made cable.

Actually, this input jack should be used to connect the DigiTech JamSync with a 3.5 mm TRS plug.
Customarily this input sends (but does not receive!) midi clock and start/stop commands.

By using this special cable, the SDRUM can be used as a master clock for delays, loopers and other midi pedals.

To synchronize both pedals, I created the DelayDude Midi Sync Cable to connect them.
Now the SDRUM sends the midi commands and the clock to the DITTO X4.
When I record a loop on the DITTO X4, the length of the loop will be adjusted to the length of the beat.

The DITTO X4 can now be started and stopped by starting or stopping the SDRUM.
To replay a recorded loop, it is important to start the SDRUM exactly when the tempo LED of the DITTO X4 is lightening (that means at the counting of 1,2,3 or 4 of the DITTO X4).
The length of the loop of the DITTO X4 will now be similar to the beat of the SDRUM and they are absolutely in sync.

Click here for your own DelayDude Midi Sync cable.