Timmy V3 Anniversary Overdrive Pedal

TimmyPaul Cochrane is not even an unknown quantity in the world of effect pedals: He is the inventor of the “transparent overdrive”. First, he created the Tim. The more compact version, named Timmy is now celebrating its fifteenth anniversary.

Transparent overdrive

Many overdrive pedals cut the low end while the push the mids. For a long time, especially bedroom-guitarists were looking for an overdrive pedal that sounds like a maxed amplifier, but just at a bedroom level.
Paul Cochrane filled this gap in a perfect way.
The Timmy maintains the low end and adds a slight distortion to the signal which makes the play quite dynamic. By using the pots for bass and treble, you can adjust the sound in an ideal way.
It is probably no secret that this circuit has been copied numerous times. The best-known example is the Vemuram Jan Ray which is (apart from two parts) the exact clone – nevertheless offered for a multiple of the price you will have to pay for a Timmy.
Over time, there have been some special editions – mostly special lacquering of the Timmy, equipped with a certain chip. Compared to the standard JRC4559, this LM1458 is supposed to sound somehow smoother.

Anniversary model

15 years after launching the Timmy, Paul Cochrane puts some kind of anniversary model on the market.
The toggle switch that selects the kind of clipping (symmetric/ asymmetric) has been relocated to the interior of the enclosure.
Now, a toggle switch allows to choose between different gain levels instead.
Yes, the Timmy gets more gain. The amount of overdrive from the Gain pot has actually been reduced so that it works much better with BOTH positions of the Gain Boost switch. It’s now easier to dial in precisely where you want the breakup level to be. I think, the gain boost is the same that has been used in the circuit of the Tim pedal. This feature of the big brother was something, many Timmy-users have missed so far.
Besides, the range of the bass pot as well as the range of the treble pot has been reversed. It seemed as if the fact, that the respective frequencies have been reduced by maxing the pot, confused many users. Now the pots are built up in a more logical way: maxing the treble pot provides more treble. Very simple.

The IC

Instead of the standard JRC4559, the anniversary version of the Timmy uses the LM1458 which has already been used in the special editions before. For the IC is socket, the replacement of the JRC4559 by a LM1458 has always been a simple and famous mod amongst the Timmy owners.
The LM1458 cuts the treble a little bit and makes the pedal even more compatible to clean amplifiers. Besides, the LM1458 compresses less.
Those who don’t like this IC can easily replace it by another one.
I think, the whole pedal will be built up quite neat by hand, put into a familiar enclosure.
This boutique quality is offered for derisory $149.